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Services Provided

Pavement Marking
Crack Filling
Asphalt Sealing



Is a division of Mark's Asphalt Sealing and Lining.

Sweeprite has a Johnston 4000, High Dump Power Sweeper.  WE are able to travel from place to place efficiently and power sweep your parking lot, road or driveway.  Our sweeper picks up the sand and we remove it from your parking lot or dump it in any dump truck to haul away. This business has been operating since the year 2000.  We service the Peterborough and Lindsay areas.


We have all of the solutions for your pavement marking needs.

*  parking stall lines for parking lots of all sizes

* Indoor garage parking, bus terminals

*  Warehouse or factory floor saftey lines

* Municipalitys and roadways.

* Numbers, bike paths

regulated handicap symbols, curbs stop bars and directional arrows.

* We  can repaint the existing lines or lay out new asphalt. We also black out lines if needed

Cracks in asphalt are inevitable.  Sealing the cracks are a cost effective procedure for pavement maintenence.  It adds years to to the life of any driveway  parking lot, or road.  Crack sealing prevents the rain or snow from penetrating under the asphalt and causing it to deteroriate.

We only use the best hot liquid rubber crack filler.  It is the same crack filler that the MTO uses.

The most important reason that you need to seal your driveway or parking lot is to Protect and prolong the life your investment.  Sealing can double the life of you driveway.  It protects from the enviormental effects of the sun and rain as well as the damage from salt oil and gas leaks .

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